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MEDIA 與民樂 東闕(Enjoy with People at Changdeok palace)

MMEDIA 與民樂 東闕(Enjoy with People at Changdeok palace), 2020
Media Facade,(2000cm x 120cm)
Did Led Wall, Motion artwork(5'35")

MEDIA 與民樂(Enjoy with People):The cultural heritage of 500 years

MEDIA 與民樂(Enjoy with People):The cultural heritage of 500 years , 2021
Media Facade, (variable space)
Led Wall, Motion artwork(5'45")

Media 寂滅寶宮(The Jeweled Palace of Tranquil Extinction)

Media 寂滅寶宮(The Jeweled Palace of Tranquil Extinction), 2020
Projection mapping Light installation,(300cm x 100cm x 10cm)
Wood, Hanji(Korean traditional paper), Led, Motion artwork, Digital devices,

Collaborated with Jungsun Kim
Music by Tone Gray
Programing by Japhil Choi


Koguryo'light, 2020
Projection mapping installation,(50cm x 150cm x 30cm)
Wood, Hanji(Korean traditional paper), Motion artwork, Digital devices,

一場春夢(Life is but an empty dream), 2020
Movie on 26.5” Smart Canvas, (159cm x53cm x 2cm)
1set with 3pieces

Untitled, 2020
Movie on 26.5” Smart Canvas, (53cm x 53cm x 2cm)

Beyond time and space

Beyond time and space, 2020
Movie on 55" 4K tv, (68cm x 122cm x 5cm)
1set with 8pieces

Media 螺鈿(Mother-of-pearl)

Media 螺鈿(Najeon, Mother-of-pearl), 2020
Mother-of-pearl, Antique furniture, Moon Jar, Motion artwork, Sensor, Interactive programing 

Media 螺鈿(Najeon, Mother-of-pearl) is a painting with fragments of Mother-of-pearl and light. When the fragments of Mother-of-pearl are poured into the hall, sided with the gentle breeze, they show the historical flows of lacquerware inlaid patterns from the late Goryeo, early, middle and late Chosun period.

_Programing by Japhil Choi
_Sound by ToneGray

Media 多寶格(Chinese Studiolo)

Media 多寶格(Chinese Studiolo), 2020
LED Installation, (300cmx220cmx5cm)
Painting on the porcelains, LED, Arduino, Swarovski

Media 與民樂 (Enjoy with the people)

Media 與民樂 (Enjoy with the people), 2018

LED media wall Facade, (1200cm x 250cm)
Motion Artwork, 1' 22"

Media 與民樂-1

Media 與民樂-1 (Enjoy with the people), 2018

Projection Mapping Installation, (300cm x 200cm x 120cm)
Wood, Hanbok(Korean traditional cloth), ceramics, Jangseok(Korean traditional metalwork for joinery)

Hommage for 寶貨 (A treasure)

Hommage for 寶貨 (A treasure), 2018
 Movie on 26.5” Smart Canvas, (53cm x53cm x 2cm) x 2

Media 胡蝶夢(Dream of Butterfly)

Media 胡蝶夢(Dream of Butterfly)
, 2017
Real-Time Interactive LED Emotional light, (126cm*70cm*15cm)
Metal, led, glasses, interactive programing & hardware

Rhythm – Drawing

Rhythm – Drawing
, 2017
Projection Mapping Installation, (600cm x 200 cm x 50cm) ceramics, sound system, projection mapping

Media 豐饒 (fertile)

Media 豐饒 (fertile), 2016

Projection Mapping Installation, (120cm x 170 cm x 100cm)
led, ceramic, digital device, motion graphic

Wind + Scape

Wind + Scape, 2016

Projection mapping Installation (600cm*225cm*50cm)
roof tiles, digital device, motion graphic, sand

Media  Dadam(茶談-Drinking tea to talk and share)

Media Dadam(茶談-Drinking tea to talk and share), 2015

Tea table set grafted onto media art with WPAN(wireless personal area network), (107cm x 68cm x 45cm)
Wood,  ceramic teapot and cups, Interactive media, Touch pannel

Dadam let you know best time to have tea through beautiful media art. it enables people to communicate by hearts and experience synesthesia by the help of capacitive touch screen interaction set on the table.

Media Bowha( 寶貨 - a treasure)

Media Bowha( 寶貨 - a treasure), 2015
Real - Time Interactive Projection Mapping Installation (120cm x 42 cm x 35cm)
Wood, crystal, ceramic, Jangseok(Korean traditional metalwork for joinery)

When porcelain or furniture making was a new technology in the past, modern new media is identified as new technology comparable to the past. Media " Media Treasure" is a new technique and a treasure itself created by the lights from a combined past and modern new technique.

Et in Arcadia ego

Et in Arcadia ego
, 2015
Real - Time Interactive Installation (variable space)
digital device, webcam

Throughout the work "I am in Arcadia", viewers, in a space where Japanese apricot aroma is filled with, can interact romantically with the fluttering apricot flowers on the floor every time they make a step. Apricot flowers changing real-time form a shape of a Prunus Vase as big as a gigantic wall and the moving flowers shaped in Prunus Vase draw up the beautiful landscape of "Kum Kang San". While viewing the moving landscape shaped with apricot flowers, the viewers appreciate the greatness of the open nature and gets assimilated to nature at the same time. They will experience peace and emotional healing.

_Interactive Programing : Eungsung Song

Media Rak(樂, Joyful)

Media Rak(樂, Joyful)
, 2011
Projection Mapping on the porcelains (70cmx55cmx50cm)
ceramic, digital device, motion graphic, wood, Jangseok(Korean traditional metalwork for joinery)

Bunchungsagi (a grayish-blue-powdered celadon) is the Korean traditional porcelain which was covered on the surface wetted a grayish blue powder to hide the lower quality of surface of the porcelain in 15C. Media Rak(樂, Joyful) upgrades low quality Bunchungsagi into high quality white porcelain through projection mapping and motion graphics which are lively patterns of Bunchungsagi reinterpretated in a contemporary style.

MEDIA_Wayoo(臥遊, Enjoying the scenery lying in a room)

MEDIA Wayoo(臥遊, Enjoying the scenery lying in a room)
, 2013
Projection Installration (100cmx200cmx60cm)
Projection Mapping Installation, Wood, crystal, ceramic, Jangseok(Korean traditional metalwork for joinery)

Landscape painting in East Asia was based on the foundation of the view of nature in Taoism and at the same time as an expression of nature. There is Wayoo((臥遊) which is one of the appreciation methods of landscape painting in ancient East Asia. Wayoo means enjoying the scenery lying in a room. Media_Wayoo makes you feel like being in the room, then painting the landscape through projection mapping to enjoy the scenery. Just like ancestors who wanted to get peace of mind through appreciating the scenery.

Media Auspicious Sign(吉祥)

Media Auspicious Sign(吉祥)
, 2014
Interactive projection mapping Installation with Touch OSC (65cmx50cmx15cm)
wooden frame, digital device, motion graphic, Touch OSC, programing

The audience can conjure lucky omens by touching the Touch OSC iPhone interface and experience a play on image and meditative value through 6 wide screens which contain each East Asian traditional pattern each pattern has a connotation of auspicious meaning. The lum blossom pattern means to pray for virtue and purity,The pomegranate pattern meansto pray for the fecundity, Ten-Longevity means ten kinds of creatures for ongevity and the peony pattern means to pray for being wealthy and noble in East Asia.

_Technical Part, VVVV : Lee Sang-yong(
_Technical Part, iPhone App Develop: Shim Min-seok (

Real and Unreal

Real and Unreal, 2013
projection mapping on the porcelains (50cm x 70cm x 30cm)
ceramic, digital device, motion graphic

Real, Unreal, and Future - is a augmented reality art using mass produced inexpensive potteries, which was done with a biscuit firing only, turn into a glamorous and vintage bone china by projection mapping technique. When the projection stops playing, the illusion disappears and shows the naked face of inexpensive potteries. Emphasizing our lives are isolated today when true and false are reversed and stimulating the nostalgic memory about the fundamental origin.

Media 樂 II (Joyful)

Media 樂 II(Enjoy), 2014
projection mapping on the porcelains (30cm x 20cm x 15cm)
ceramic, digital device, motion graphic

Media Facede 'Gwangwhamun'

Media Facede 'Gwangwhamun', 2011
projection mapping Installation (200cm x 100cm x 50cm)

Touch Scape

Touch Scape, 2011
Real-Time interactive projection Installation (variable space)

Touch Heaven

Touch Heaven, 2011
Interactive projection Installation (variable space)

Four Season

Four Season, 2010
projection mapping Installation (70cm x 50cm x 30cm)